Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Active Mind

I have a decent amount of time to think on my way home. My son is in 4th grade & is very inquisitive, but often we ride home in relative silence. I think we enjoy the quiet and just not having to do anything. 

Of course, I am not speaking, but I am definitely thinking. My To-Do List doesn't ever seem to end. I'm always thinking of my students:

  1. the diverse needs that fill the classroom, 
  2. how we can reach these children on their own levels,
  3. how we  make learning fun,
  4. the fun parts of the day...etc.
Speaking of fun parts of the day...we have one really well-behaved child in our classroom that has been showing some interesting personality traits. It's been so much fun to watch the humorous side come out lately. As we were lining up to go to the buses this afternoon I was telling my students how they have to take turns at the beginning of our bus line (I have one student who repeated "Can I have some gum?" ALL the way to the buses the other day...ugh!) and this student says "How about me?" This wasn't just a regular question. Oh no! This was said with a sway, a swagger, and a flip of the hair. Sometimes at the end of the day I'm just so exhausted; I'm ready to go home and be finished with teaching responsibilities. This child totally made my day! I received a splendid reminder that this is part of the reason I choose to be a teacher!

Part of the reason I named this post Active Mind was because I'm working on a lesson about landforms for my second graders. I was thinking it through most of my way home. I'm trying to integrate technology into this lesson. I think I've found an awesome way to do this. I'm not sure what a "LiveBinder" is, but I found one that I plan on using to help my kids use our computer lab to learn. We're going to complete a WebQuest, then make a PowerPoint. My cooperating teacher & I are SO excited about this!

Well, my nephew wants to spend some auntie time with outside of teaching and family beckons. Until next time :-)

~Sandy :-)

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