Thursday, March 15, 2012

Technology and Minds Like Sponges

What a great day today! My cooperating teacher and I took our students to start a WebQuest on landforms that I put together today. It all started as a simple project, but it has quickly become a huge project. 

It doesn't matter though...I'm so excited to see how creative our students get as they being working collaboratively on researching landforms. They are going to work in small groups to gather information about five different landforms (mountains, hills, valleys, plains, and plateaus--per Michigan GLCEs). Once they have researched they are going to input their information into a 2-3 slide PowerPoint. We even have a group that is going to complete a SAM animation project in addition to their PowerPoint. I cannot wait!

I was worried about how the children would do completing a simple WebQuest liked through our classroom blog...but I shouldn't have been. They did amazingly well! I was so incredibly proud of them. Their minds are like sponges when it comes to working on the computer. All of my students quickly grasped how to navigate between our blog and the Google Docs that I had created. It just goes to show that they can exceed my expectations! 

On another note, I found some AMAZING free items for my blog on I totally revamped my background and blog title with freebies I gained from her website. She blogs too...I am her most recent follower. I totally suggest going to see all of the cool blog graphics she has at her site.

Well, it's late so I'm off. Thanks for checking in! I hope to have you visit again soon!


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