Friday, April 13, 2012

Techy Friday


Oh, boy fellow bloggers! I have been a woman on a tech mission this week. While blog stalking (I lost the info about the blog where I found it...sorry) I found information about Glogster. Of course, I had to check this out! What an AWESOME thing! Glogster is an online educational poster board that can have hyperlinks, pictures, fun graphics, videos, drawings, etc. You name it, you can have it! I had to play with it and I made my own about our January end-of-marking period reward afternoon. We went sledding and had great fun! I posted it to the classroom blog. Go check it out (it's at the bottom of the page)!


I'm on the committee at our elementary school that is evaluating keyboarding programs for our elementary students. We are currently piloting the program Keyboarding for Kids. While it is a nice program & has given our kids some good keyboarding beginning skills, it is greatly lacking in the instruction piece. There are visuals for correct key usage & reach, but I've been finding many others that actually show hands and where they should be placed. Part of the evaluation piece is to also determine whether a keyboarding program would be something that could be used in the classroom without supervision, or whether it is best taught in a computer lab setting with a keyboarding/technology teacher. What are your thoughts on this? Any information or suggestions of products that your school uses would be super helpful! Thanks!


That's all that's left of my degree program. June 8th I graduate! I cannot help but count down the weeks. I've worked so hard for so long...I know that you all know what I'm going through. It's going to be a long, but very rewarding, 8 weeks left with my kiddos!


I actually need to leave this blog to focus on the start of our Friday in our classroom now. Thanks for stopping by. I have more information and websites to share which I'll do after our busy Saturday. My husband, son, and I are going to be selling items in our local Mom-2-Mom sale tomorrow. It's my first one and I'm kinda nervous about it. This is a big thing! Have you ever sold or attended a Mom-2-Mom sale? I've never done either! Wish us luck!

Until next time blogging friends...

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