Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Personal Blog Challenge-Day 1

Today I begin the challenge that I set forth for myself yesterday...to blog every day until summer vacation starts on June 13th. Today I'll be discussing some upcoming assignments and the sneaky "fun" activities that are occurring in my classroom in my honor!


I'm so not reluctantly working on a presentation about assessment and accountability, as well as developing my personal plan for professional development and my family/community plan, both of which are for my portfolio. My problem is that I have a bad case of senioritis! Right now I'm focusing on my presentation. Did I mention it is due tomorrow?!? The assessment I have chosen to discuss with my fellow classmates is a piece on STAR Reader Tests. Have any of you heard of it/used it? We use this in my 2nd grade classroom. I'm going to discuss the pros & cons of this assessment and how it drives my instruction. I know, fascinating stuff, right!


My supervising teacher has decided to create a bunch of surprises for me. She's not so good at keeping secrets though, so I already know about quite a few of them! She has one surprise planned thought that is for the last day of school with my kiddos and it focuses on me! She has managed to keep this a secret & has involved the kids too. They've done amazingly well in keeping the secret from me so far. I'm really excited!

Well, I'm taking a break from one of my evening classes right now, and it's time to go back. I'll chat with you all again tomorrow. Thanks for following and taking the time to come along with me on my adventures!


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