Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FREE Classroom Technology Tools

Summer Tutoring

Hello! I finished tutoring my summer kiddos today! I'm relieved but slightly saddened. I am pleased to say that I will be tutoring three out of the four students that I've worked with this summer once school starts. I'm very excited about that.

Classroom Technology Tools

Last winter/spring I was a student teacher in an amazing, but behaviorally diverse, 2nd grade classroom. I like to keep my eye out for technology tools and tips that I can use with my students. I was fortunate enough to hear about ClassDojo (I believe I found it on a Pinterest board). 

ClassDojo is a FREE online behavior management and reward system. My supervising teacher and I fell in LOVE! ClassDojo transformed our classroom! Before we began using ClassDojo we had students who failed to return homework frequently. We also had students that were not consistent bucket fillers. After starting to use ClassDojo in our classroom we saw an increase in positive behavior, team work, and homework returns! ClassDojo was the missing piece in motivating our students to be the best they could be! 

My supervising teacher and I were so impressed with the impact that ClassDojo had on our class that I made a Prezi to introduce this product to our staff. My Prezi is embedded at the bottom of my blog. Scroll down to learn about using this amazing management tool. Click on the ClassDojo picture below to sign up. 

ClassDojo just left Beta, and now has a new ClassDojo Share page. On this page you can find printable posters, monster images, parent letters, and a staff training pack. I will be sharing this information with my teacher friends this year!

Go check it out for yourself. We had weekly rewards, emailed behavior reports to parents, and the children enjoyed seeing their monster avatar collect points. You really need to see this now. You can be set up before schools starts if you're still out, or before your first month is over. Good luck!

That's it for today my friends. I have a TON more tools and technology ideas to share with you. I'll be back, so stay tuned! :-)


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