Thursday, August 30, 2012

iPad Apps & Student Motivation

iPad Apps

Today I'd like to share some of my favorite iPad apps with you. While I'm not doing much teaching in the classroom, I have been tutoring students throughout the summer. One tool I ALWAYS bring with me is my iPad 2. The children I tutor anticipate using the engaging, exciting apps that I have on my iPad! I always save the iPad for the end of my tutoring session. That way my students stay motivated to complete the learning projects that we work on knowing that they will get to get their hands on a wonderful learning tool.

I have downloaded a TON of iPad apps. Unfortunately not all of them fit on my 16GB iPad 2. I keep the most successful ones on there and rotate others occasionally so that there is something new to access and motivate.  Let me tell you what I use when I tutor and when I'm in the classroom.

Everyday Mathematics

The school that I substitute at/tutor students attend follows the Everyday Mathematics Curriculum aligned to the Common Core. I have downloaded all of the Everyday Mathematics Apps from the app store ($1.99 each). Here are all of the choices.

Number Recognition/Number Line & Addition:











My students also really enjoy the Math Bingo and Sight Word Bingo from abcya,com. I enjoy that the apps were only $0.99 each and that I can keep track of up to 30 students progress throughout their math facts and sight words!

Well friends, these apps are my most popular apps with my students. I know they aren't free, but they are relatively inexpensive. Once you have purchased them, they're yours! My students really enjoy them and they are some of the most motivating tools that I use. They are educational AND fun!

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