Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'm Back!

Hello blog friends! After taking the summer off (kind of) I'm back in the blogosphere. Since I am no longer a student teacher, I have renamed my blog. My career passions are education and technology. In this age of increasing integration of the two, I've decided to blog about technology tools, education ideas, and integrating technology tools with education ideas. I hope that you decide to follow along as I share resources I've found (or made).

Where Have I Been?

Some may ask where I have been, or what have I been doing that has kept me away from my blog. Well, as the 2011-12 school year came to a close I was busy with graduation and finishing up with my kiddos. The summer break started...well for kids anyway. My goals this summer were to organize my Pinterest boards (I am so addicted) and create products to sell on my to-be-created Teachers Pay Teachers store. These goals were set aside as I found myself starting a tutoring business instead!
Here I am! I'm now an official Teacher Prep Program Grad!
My fellow official Teachers! We spent a lot of time together working our way through the Teacher Prep Program!

My family! Husband, son, & my Mom!

The kiddos & my supervising teacher threw me a Book Shower on the last day. Every student brought a book in so that I would have something to start my classroom library with when I have my own room. It was super special! This is my celebration cake. It was yummy!

Tutoring? How did that happen?

A friend & fellow employee of the school district I was (am? I'm still there in a substitute capacity) came to me with information that a friend of hers was interested in having a tutor for her children over the summer. She thought I would be a good fit for that position. I couldn't turn it down! So I started with two elementary students. A week or so later she approached me again with information of some parents of a Title 1 student who was looking for a way to bridge the gap and keep the summer slide from occurring. I figured I had two, why not? So I was up to three elementary students. Then another co-worker came to me and said "I hear you're tutoring this summer. Would you be interested in tutoring my child?" Absolutely! I'm now at 4 elementary students. I've been working with them all summer twice a week and I LOVE it! I even had the spouse of a co-worker ask me to tutor him on basic technology skills, computer/laptop skills, and basic iPad skills. So my tutoring "business" has 4 clients (5 students & 1 adult student). Two of the parents even asked me to continue tutoring their students throughout the school year! I've been very blessed to have this unexpected opportunity fall in my lap.

That's it? No....

That's not all I've done this summer. I've spent time with my family, participated in creating an ELA Common Core aligned pacing guide that follows the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop curriculum, done various technology projects for family, friends, and co-workers, attended multiple webinars, and read quite a few books! It's been a busy summer that has gone by way too quickly!


Some of you may ask if I've found any jobs. I live in Michigan, which isn't a great state to be a teacher. Jobs are out there, but the market is flooded with applicants...very qualified applicants. I've applied to two places, both of which never gave a call back. That's OK though. I'm going to continue to substitute teach in the school that I've substitute taught in for the past 5 years. If it's meant to be, I'll be employed there before too long!

That's enough for now. Once again thank you for following me. I'm looking forward to the new direction that my blog is headed and I would be honored if you came along for the ride!


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