Sunday, September 2, 2012

Virtual Teacher-Voki


Today I'd like to tell you about Voki. I learned about Voki from a webinar that I attended hosted by simpleK12 featuring Erin Klein from Kleinspiration.

Voki is web tool that allows you to create an avatar to use in your classroom, on your blog and/or website, or more. Erin Klein used hers to discuss the assignment and rules for her middle school students on her website. Another use that was suggested was to create a Voki and use it when you have a substitute teacher in your classroom.

After learning about Voki through the webinar I attended, I decided I would give it a try. Voki is FREE, or you can subscribe for a yearly fee. I chose the free option. Once I got in I found that there were only three female faces to choose from in the free section. If I was a paying subscriber there would have been a plethora of faces. You can also choose a cartoon character (smileys for free) instead of a human face. You can then edit the features, the colors, and the size and shape of your avatar. Once you finish this step you can change your background. Then you record your message.

There are 4 ways to record your message. 1. By Phone. 2. Microphone. 3. Enter text & use a computerized voice (many choices). 4. Upload a voice file.

Here is my Voki:

If you get a chance, check Voki out. If anything it's fun to play with and you may find a practical use for it in your classroom!

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