Monday, December 17, 2012

Converting Word docs to Google Drive docs

Today I was working with the grade level team that I will be joining shortly on a long term sub job. They were working on a curriculum map for ELA and were wanting to work collaboratively. I suggested that they upload it to Google Drive and share it. That way they could all work together. I love Google Drive and the ability it gives to people to work together on projects. I used Google Slides with my 2nd graders last year to create presentations about landforms. It was amazing to watch them work simultaneously! I digress. I suggested that this team use Google Drive to upload the Word document and convert it to a Google Doc to collaboratively work on it. It didn't work at school for some reason, but I was able to get it to upload and convert at home.

Interestingly enough, one of my favorite tech bloggers, Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers, blogged about this exact topic today! Check out his step-by-step instructions for converting Word docs to Google Drive docs.

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