Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello Friends! It's my last post for 2012. Happy New Year to you all! I'm looking forward to a very prosperous and enjoyable 2013 for myself, my family and all of you.


Last time I posted I discussed Pinterest and shared my Pinterest boards. This time I'd like to introduce Learnist. Learnist has been likened to "Pinterest for Educators." Learnist is a fairly new education, collaboration, and professional development tool. It was created by Grockit (the well-known test prep company) and released on May 24, 2012. For more on Learnist see Hack Education's post about its launch.

Where Pinterest gives users ways to "pin" websites and photos to their "boards", Learnist creates a timeline of possible learning for users. Users follow other Learnist users and can follow the "learnings," or posts/pins, of other users in a linear fashion. Learnings can be checked off as they are completed and can be commented on by other learners. In a sense it's kind of like Pinterest and Wikipedia got together and had a brain child called Learnist!

As an educator that tends to be more elementary focused, I feel that I would be more likely to use Learnist for professional development and personal learning than I would promoting use with my students. I am relatively new to this site, so I've been following and not posting. Once I feel more comfortable interacting with the site I will start creating learnings for others to follow (click here to follow TechyTeacher1 on Learnist). For more on how educators are using Learnist see Mind Shift's blog post.

I feel that Learnist is definitely an up and coming way for educators to collaborate and share. I've found some great iPad learnings, which will be a benefit when our Title I and Special Ed programs launch the iPads after January 2nd. Either way, its worth checking out and seeing whether you will personally benefit from this free service!

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