Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teaching and Technology

Tech in Education

As a techie and an educator I am constantly thinking about how technology and education can go hand in hand. As our world continues its path down the information superhighway we have to adapt our lessons to incorporate the tools that our students frequently use, as well as the tools they will be exposed to in the future.

One important point we need to pay attention to as educators is the planning. It's one thing for teachers know how to use a device personally, it's another thing all together to incorporate it into the classroom or any other educational setting. We need to remember that we want our students actively engaged in the learning process, not just playing games to use up class time.

Another important point is that we need to know is where we are going with the implementation. For example, how does it optimize learning and maximize engagement while minimizing distractions? What do we want our students to accomplish by using this tool, app, etc.?

While perusing my education PLN's I found the following graphic. It provides great habits that all teachers that incorporate technology should have. Thanks to Angela Maiers for featuring it.

In closing, remember, planning is essential to implementation of technology in an education setting. Using the previous habits you can be a highly effective teacher who effectively implements technology in your classroom!


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