Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Video Viewing in the Classroom

How many educators have tried to pull up a YouTube video in the classroom, but find that the ads or suggested videos and video titles are inappropriate for students? There is a way to use YouTube in the classroom without all of the extra stuff that you find on the YouTube site!

YouTube for Children

This browser is child and classroom friendly. Enter the search parameters you are looking for into the search box. This website will find matching information/videos, as well as block inappropriate content. Once a video is selected, the video will play in a new window without the extra ads. There are some small pop-up ads (for business and such) that display on the videos, but you are able to exit out of them and they are not inappropriate. This is a great way to incorporate educational videos and/or brain break videos in your classroom!

This also works on the iPad using Safari or Chrome (and I'm sure with any other web browser as well). Great for protected mobile video browsing!


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