Saturday, January 12, 2013

Google Forms

Google Forms are an amazing free tool! If you haven't used them yet, I highly recommend it. I use Google Forms to keep track of my tutor sessions and tutor payments. Once I enter information into the fields and hit submit, it transfers my information into a Google Spreadsheet. I can sort this information by student, session date, session topics, payment date, or payment amount. I can keep track of how much I make in a month or in the year. I can print my spreadsheet to give a statement to my tutor parents at the end of the year for tax time. I love this tool!

Google Forms can be created to keep track of homework assignment submissions, behavior observations, or for assessment purposes if you have access to technology for your students. On a mobile device in your classroom? No problem! Google Forms can be emailed and installed on the home screen of mobile devices. I have an iPad and keep my tutor form on the home screen for instant access as I need it.

Let me walk you through creating a Google Form for anything in your life!

The first thing you need to do is sign in (or create if you don't have one) to your Google account. The next step is to choose Drive in your Google bar at the top of the screen.

Once inside your Drive, you will need to click the "Create" button, then select Form.

Follow the picture below to create your own Google Form!

When you are finished, click save. That's it! Click on any of the pictures to see a close up.

 Please comment below if you have any questions about Google Forms or to share your success stories!

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