Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Way to Communicate and Share with Parents--Bloomz App!

Looking for a way to communicate with your parents? Would you like to share pictures with your students' families, but don't want to post them over social media or load them and send in email? If so, bloomz is for you!


Classroom Feed

On your classroom page, you will see a Facebook-like feed where teacher updates, links, photos, and more are posted for parents to view.
Class feed from bloomz demo class,

Bloomz isn't just teacher driven, though. Parents can communicate with one another within the bloomz app!
Class feed from bloomz demo class,

Share Your Classroom Calendar & Photos in a Secure Environment


What I really LOVE about this app is the calendar and photo feeds. I've posted my calendar on my blog before, but only a handful of parents actually regularly access my blog, so they aren't getting the updates as they are posted. With bloomz, the calendar is built in AND it posts changes on the classroom feed as they are made!

Even better, you can add information about items and/or volunteers needed for activities!

Calendar feed from bloomz demo class,

Parents can click the need link and it will open up information about the event and what is needed. It looks like this:

Calendar feed from bloomz demo class,

In this example, parent volunteers are needed for the Art Docent that repeats every first Monday. Parents can volunteer right through the app!


In bloomz, you can upload all of your photos in a secure environment. Most of my parents are okay with posting their students pictures on our class Twitter account. Last year I had parents that did not want their child's picture posted. I wish I had used bloomz all year last year! In this instance, the photos feed within bloomz would have been great! You can add albums and parents can view your photos as long as they are members of your bloomz class!

Photos feed from bloomz demo class


In bloomz, you can send out a class broadcast through your class feed, a group message to select parents, or individual 2-way messaging between yourself and one parent. All of your messaging needs can be met within bloomz!

Would You Like To Try Bloomz?

I cannot stop recommending this app to all of my teacher friends! I'm really looking forward to using it this year. I do plan on keeping my Remind account for parents that don't have access to a smartphone or a computer for updates or would prefer text messages, but bloomz has become my go to!

Do you want to bloomz? Click the link below to sign up!

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